celebrating our chas elite accreditation

We are thrilled to announce that our company has achieved the prestigious CHAS Elite Accreditation! This recognition shows our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in all our operations. It reflects the dedication and hard work of our entire team and emphasises our position as a trusted and responsible partner in our industry. We look forward to continuing to prioritise safety and excellence in all that we do.

what is chas elite accreditation?

The CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) Elite Accreditation is a highly regarded certification in the construction and contracting industry. It signifies that a company has demonstrated exceptional commitment to maintaining rigorous health and safety standards in its operations. CHAS Elite Accreditation reflects a company’s dedication to excellence and safety, instilling confidence in clients and partners alike.

why chas elite accreditation matters

1. Credibility and Reputation Enhancement:

CHAS Elite Accreditation shows our reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious organization. It signifies to clients, partners, and stakeholders that the company is serious about adhering to high standards of health and safety in its operations.

2. Risk Mitigation and Accident Reduction:

Safety is a top priority for the construction industry. The CHAS elite accreditation proves we have a track record of proactive risk management. This can result in fewer accidents and injuries on job sites.

3. Commitment to Excellence and Improvement:

CHAS Elite Accreditation is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing commitment to excellence in health and safety. Therefore, we are expected and obligated to continually improve our safety practices, which benefits both employees and clients.

4. Supply Chain Collaboration

Our recent Accreditation facilitates collaboration with other accredited companies and contractors. This streamlined coordination can lead to more efficient project management, reduced delays, and improved overall project outcomes.

how we achieved elite accreditation

1. Training and awareness:

We had to implement a culture of safety awareness where our employees are actively engaging in in maintaining safe practices by providing ongoing health and safety training.

2. Risk assessment:

We had to conduct a thorough risk assessment for all projects, addressing potential hazards and implementing control measures to mitigate the risks.

3. Monitoring and renewal:

CHAS Elite accreditation is not a one-time achievement: it requires ongoing commitment Therefore we are having to always keep up the same standards and always being prepared for periodi9c reviews and assessments.

what does this mean for our clients?

1. Enhanced safety:

Clients can trust that we place high priority on safety, reducing the risk of accidents and incidents on our projects.

2. Compliance assurance:

You can have confidence that our company complies with industry specific health and safety regulations, minimising legal and regulatory risks.

3. Risk mitigation:

This helps clients reduce their own risk exposure, as we collaborate with a safety focused contractor.

4. Peace of mind:

Know by knowing we have met stringent accreditation standards provides clients with piece of mind, allowing them to focus on their project’s success.

5. Improved project outcomes:

Safety conscious practices often lead to smoother project execution, fewer disruptions, and ultimately, better project outcomes.