modern methods of construction

As leading structural and civil engineers, we specialize in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) that transform traditional practices. Our expertise lies in delivering efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions using innovative techniques and technologies.
By embracing MMC, we revolutionize the construction process. Our in-house team collaborates closely with clients to design and implement modular construction projects. Whether panelized or volumetric systems, we seamlessly integrate offsite manufacturing to maximize benefits.

Our Partnership with Lamella: Advancing Sustainable Construction with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Modern Methods of Construction
At QED Structures, we’re proud to partner with Lamella, a visionary company formed to bring Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) to the forefront of mainstream construction and modern methods of construction.
CLT is an extraordinary material that has revolutionized the way we build, providing exceptional sustainability, strength, and versatility, while also being highly carbon-efficient.
Structural and Civil Engineering play a crucial role in the process of building with CLT. With millimeter precision, we ensure that every element of the structure perfectly aligns, guaranteeing superior quality and performance. Precision construction is the hallmark of building with CLT, leading to increased speed, efficiency, and profitability.
This collaboration empowers us to create innovative, eco-friendly structures using modern methods of construction. Leveraging Lamella’s expertise, we unlock the full potential of CLT, leading the way towards a greener and more conscious future in construction.